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Tree fellers with experience, fully insured and the owner is on site
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Tree Felling in Weltevredenpark

It is a well known fact that maintaining your garden trees has a positive effect on your property valuation! Did you realize just how important it is to prune your trees? Tree Felling in Weltevredenpark these days is a bonus to property value. We have lived and worked in the area for well over a decade. Part of our services include property tree care, tree and hedge trimming. It is a huge breath of fresh air to have your garden looking fresh and healthy.
Tree Service and Tree felling by an experienced Tree Feller. The company is fully insured and the owner is on site. This image was designed by Tree Feller Joburg

Trusted tree felling company

We are your trusted Weltevredenpark tree service company. We also service the surrounding areas. Our Services include Tree pruning, disease tree removal, tree hazard's and tree removal.
The owner is always onsite and we are fully insured
Tree Felling and palm tree trimming and pruning

Benefits of tree pruning

All trees need some kind of maintenance. Tree Pruning makes a tree look good and healthy. The beauty of a well maintained tree adds to the overall landscape look and feel. The trees feel it too especially in harsh weather conditions. The protection that regular tree maintenance contributes to tree protection and damage limitation. The risk of falling branches, cracked branches or even trees being uprooted is less with trees that are trimmed.

Tough tree felling situations

Do you have trees near some municipality cables? Or do you have an emergency with a fallen tree that needs removing because of safety? In any of these cases, we are the experts and have the tree felling equipment. We can deploy very quickly.
Tree felling sometimes needs precise work
Tree Felling and Palm Tree Trimming by an insured tree feller

Trimming a palm tree

It might be tempting to prune your palm tree yourself! It is much safer to contact us to do this for you. The amount you will pay will depend mostly on the below;
The height of your palm tree
The condition of your palm tree and when last it was trimmed
If it is emergency work, there could be a surcharge
Payment for travel expenses especially if your outside of our area that we service.

When to involve your utility!

As you might find with most trees, the cost for pruning or cutting down a tree depends on a few factors. Before reading any further if your tree is close to a power line please contact your utility quickly. This might be a hassle but could save some money. The utility will be at liberty to remove or prune the tree.
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