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Tree felling. Owner onsite for professional tree cutting, tree trimming and tree removal

Tree felling Bryanston

Are you looking for a tree felling company?

Tree Felling Joburg is the best choice for all your tree needs. We offer professional services at affordable rates and we are always available to help with any of your tree-related problems. Our experienced crew will take care of everything from the smallest to the largest trees in no time!
You won’t have to worry about dangerous or hazardous trees anymore because our team can handle them safely and efficiently, without damaging anything else on your property. Call us today and let us know how we can help you out!
Contact our friendly owner by phone or email today!
Tree Service and Tree felling by an experienced Tree Feller. The company is fully insured and the owner is on site. This image was designed by Tree Feller Joburg
Tree Felling Joburg is a professional tree felling service company that provides safe and insured services. We offer the following services: Tree Cutting, Trimming of branches, Tree Pruning, Dangerous Tree Removal service, Tree Maintenance, and Professional Tree Care Services (PTCS). Our experienced crew is well-versed in all types of trees from the smallest to the largest.
Tree felling for large tree removal

Reasons to Hire Tree Fellers Near You:

- Professional tree care, including Tree Pruning and Tree Cutting.
- Safe removal of Dangerous Trees that might pose a threat to safety or property value.
- Fully insured for your peace of mind when hiring trustworthy professionals who are licensed by Mutual and Federal Insurance.
- Licensed equipment operators in chainsaws and other tree-cutting equipment.
- We have tree trimming and site clearing experience.
- We have quality tools and mutual and Federal insurance.
Tree felling in Bryanston Palm Tree trim

Our tree felling company is reliable and friendly.

Our professional tree-cutting, trimming, and maintenance services are offered at an affordable price. Our experience of over 18 years in Bryanston is your advantage. You won't be disappointed when you hire the professionals from Tree Fellin Joburg for all your needs!

Affordable Tree Feeling Experts Near You

Are you looking for a tree felling company near your area? If so, then Tree Fellin Joburg is here to assist you with all of your needs. Our team members are professionals who are qualified and highly skilled in the field they work in. This will ensure that when you call us, we can provide the best service possible.
We offer domestic as well as business Tree Felling. We enjoy Johannesburg North and aim to maintain it to an Eco-friendly standard. We aim to keep it beautiful for years to come. The special Gauteng climate affects our trees with constant and ever changing weather conditions. We look after our customer's trees to ensure they're ready for strong winds or high levels of rain. We offer year round preventative service in addition to emergency tree care. We are a Licensed
Tree felling with professional gear - Bryanston

Tree Felling Pros in Bryanston

We are a top-class tree felling company with a range of skills for tree-related issues. Whatever your needs are, our professionals will be able to help. You can contact us for tree removal service and dead wooding service as well.

Tree Felling reviews

Jan Smit

from Bryanston
"It is a pleasure to work with you and your company. I have had my trees trimmed for many years, and it's nice to be able to come out here every year and see familiar faces like yours. Our tree looks amazing! "


from Bryanston
"James, what a fantastic job done yesterday. Thank you, highly recommended."


from Bryanston
"Our garden looks wonderful. It is beautiful to see how trimming a few branches opens the garden. Quality work, thank you."

Tree Felling Joburg Offers Tree Cutting Services in Bryanston

We offer a range of professional services including tree cutting down and removal. We can provide these services for any size of the tree.
Tree felling and Hedge Trimming in your garden

Contact Tree Felling Joburg Today

If you have a job in Bryanston, then please contact us today! Our team members look forward to hearing from you and would love the opportunity to work together with you. We will ensure that all your needs are met when we work on the trees in your garden.
We always recommend professional tree fellers that are fully insured

What is meant by felling of trees?

Tree Felling of trees means cutting down the trees. This process is done by using heavy machines as well as hand tools. The tree is then cut into logs and chainsaw-cut to desired lengths. The site is then cleared of the cut-down tree.

Is it expensive to remove a tree?

No, this is not the case. The cost of tree removal service will depend on many factors like distance from the tree to other trees and houses or structures in the vicinity.
The time it takes for removal depends largely on proximity to power lines, remoteness of site (in relation to access roads), size, accessibility by machinery as well. How big the tree is makes a difference too!
Tree felling close to boundries and cables can be dangerous
Tree felling using professional STIHL chainsaw equipment

Do you have to call a professional?

No, this is not the case. You can do everything by yourself or get help from friends and family members if they are available for support. However, many people prefer to hire professionals because it saves them time as well as emotional distress. There's also no risk of injury involved on your property when hiring professionals. We are fully insured with the owner on site for safety and security.
Stump removal in Bryanston

Hire tree fellers for stump removal.

We offer tree cutting, tree felling services, and stump removal. Tree removals are a big job and need to be done with the right equipment, tools, safety precautions, and knowledge. For tree removal service and Tree Maintenance in Bryanston, we recommend hiring a professional who has all of these! We are fully insured (owner on-site) for your peace of mind.
We need to use a stump grinder and the cost is largely dependent on access to your garden and the stump with the machinery. The size of the stump matters too.
Tree felling for big trees and tree removal

Affordable tree felling in Bryanston, Johannesburg.

We offer tree felling services in Bryanston (and surrounds) at a rate that is affordable for most people's budgets. The more trees we cut down in your garden the cheaper it becomes per tree! We are fully insured with our owner on-site to ensure your peace of mind too - no risk of injury.

Why Tree Maintenance

Tree maintenance and involves looking at the tree and taking wind and rain into consideration. Wind needs to be able to blow through the tree so that tree is not susceptible to being blown over.

This is a great time to do some tree trimming or tree felling, which will ensure that the tree retains its shape as it grows. If you want your trees to be healthy and strong for years to come, then we at Tree Felling Joburg have got you covered! We offer professional service with all types of trees, from the smallest ones up to the biggest and oldest trees.
Tree felling advice with the owner onsite
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