Tree Felling

Tree fellers with experience, fully insured and the owner is on site
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Tree Felling by professional Tree Fellers with the owner on site in Strubens Valley

Tree Fellin Joburg celebrates 20 years in business

Tree Fellin Joburg has been a household name since 2001. The company started as a family tree felling business and has now grown into one of the leading companies in the industry. Over our 20 year history, we have continued to provide excellent service with constant innovation that benefits our customers, which is why we are celebrating this milestone!
Tree Service and Tree felling by an experienced Tree Feller. The company is fully insured and the owner is on site. This image was designed by Tree Feller Joburg
Tree felling for big trees and tree removal

Our Tree Felling Policy

Tree care is a major asset to communities and we're here for you! We are available six days a week. Our team has extensive experience in felling trees provides expert advice on methods of tree maintenance and pruning. If your treasured arbor requires an end-of-life plan please contact us today.
Professional and insured Tree Felling of Large and Old trees

Sandton Tree Felling Services

If you're looking for a tree service in the Sandton area, we have many more services to offer than just Tree Felling. Our company is qualified and experienced at trimming trees as well as pruning them so that they grow healthy again! In addition, if your backyard restricts how much space there is inside your home or needs an expansion of some kind then don't hesitate to call us about removing any pesky plants blocking this path.

We are also experts when it comes down to cutting trees too but not only in one way: like with our other areas of expertise (ie trims/prunes), our skills can be used for whatever task may need doing. whether it's being cut from bottom upwards, side branches trimmed outwards.

Tree Felling

Forget your tree service problems, we'll get you sorted out in no time! We've got professional customer conduct and well-equipped staff on hand to make any job a breeze.

Trees need pruning the most in early spring

When we prune trees and shrubs in spring, they are able to flourish. This is the best time of year for tree-pruning experts like us at Tree Felling Joburg because it's when you should be going ahead with your plans if you're looking forward to a healthy plant.

The spring weather is perfect for some gardening work! And what better way to spend an afternoon than watching one of our expert team members go about their business safely trimming away dead branches from apple orchards? We also offer other services such as hedge cutting and Tree removal - so don't hesitate getting in touch today.

Professional Tree Service in Sandton

When you need a tree removed, it is best to go with an expert. If the wrong person cuts your trees and they are not qualified then there could be serious injury or death on their hands. When Tree Felling Joburg performs quality tree service in Sandton our goal is always safety first which means that we will consider any risk factors before proceeding with the job for example: checking if the branches of nearby buildings may come into contact when removing a branch from high-rise building next door!
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