Tree Service

Tree Felling, Fully Insured, Owner Onsite

Tree felling needs the tree to be checked for hardness, tree disease, ants and structure before we start with the tree service

Tree Cutting

Professional tree care services take many different forms. But is your service provider giving you complete maintenance options?
Many Johannesburg area residents wind up hiring one company for tree trimming and a separate one for stump removal. Shouldn’t your care provider handle all your needs including palm trees?
When you call Tree Fellers, you’re hiring the complete tree care provider and we do Tree Felling in Randburg. We can handle all your needs, from regular prune and hedge trimming to entire site clearing services, we can offer it all for less!
Call today for your best choice in professional tree service options. We make the most of any outdoor areas!
Recently we have been active with Tree Felling Centurion and specifically in how to prune peach trees.

Tree Pruning

When price shopping for tree cutting and tree pruning prices, you may get shocked by the quotes you receive. However, we do our best to offer professional tree services at affordable rates.
Whether you have a single sickly pine tree, or it feels like there’s entire forest that needs to go, we offer quick removals each time. No service company provides the level of quality in your tree removals as we do!
Hiring us is also the responsible choice in garden debris disposal. Rather than send your fallen trees to a landfill, we convert them to fresh compost for soil or firewood for your next spring bonfire.Now that is professional tree felling!
Whatever tree maintenance services that you need, we can help you better than any other provider. Call today for your complete hedge trimmer company!

Prune your Palm tree

Lets face it, palm trees look much better after they have been pruned and given some tender care. Here at Tree Fellin Joburg the owner is always onsite. The team is very experienced in palm tree trimming. Call us today for a free estimation to prune your palm tree.

Tree Surgeon

Some homeowners think that they should attempt to remove their trees themselves. However, it isn’t as straightforward as it seems. A professional tree surgeon is highly recommended.
Without professional stump grinder and removal services, you can damage property or even injure others. Our team, on the other hand, provides more types of care options for your yard.
We adhere to insurance standards, providing your trees with better appearance and safer felling. Whether you just need palm tree trimming or whole palm tree removal, we are always the best choice each time.
Schedule us for all your tree care needs and experience the difference our team makes. No one else cares for your yards like us! Tree Fellers Johannesburg are the best when it comes to Tree Fellers.

Stump Removal

Many homeowners wonder why they would need to call a company to cut their trees down. But what they may not know is that tree pruning is among the most important aspects of property ownership.
When trees get sick or injured, they may deteriorate unexpectedly. That can pose a severe threat to your home or family.
Other times, trees just grow too close to potential hazards. Overhead power lines, proximity to buildings, and branches that damage rooflines are all common issues many residents suffer through.
Even if a tree remains in perfect health, it may not stay safe where it is. Don’t put your home through unnecessary risk and call us to assist you!

Tree Trimmer

In addition to professional tree cutting services, we offer numerous services to make your yard beautiful. Call us now to schedule us for your home for:
Professional Tree Removal
Tree Stump Removal
​Tree Trimmers
​Tree pruning
Tree Fellers
Tree Felling Johannesburg
Tree Felling Randburg
​Tree Felling Roodepoort
Storm Damage Cleanup
Tree Limb Trimming
Tree Topping Service
​Tree felling services
Bush and Shrub Pruning
Land Clearing/Vacant Lot Service
Organic Mulching
Firewood Creation
Regular Tree Maintenance
Palm tree maintenance
Professional tree fellers
And more arborist options!
No matter what your plants need, we have the practical and affordable solution for you each time. We only use professional tools and equipment to address any of your concerns with ease!
Call us today to schedule us for all your tree cutting and maintenance services. We keep your home lovely for longer!
Tree Removal Service
Some homeowners don’t see the point in hiring a company for tree maintenance services. However, the typical resident doesn’t have the equipment or the experience necessary to properly care for their plants.
Most trees require safety equipment to climb up the tree and removing the area above. But when all you own is a chainsaw, the job becomes much riskier!
When trees are growing directly next to your house, you have even more hurdles to avoid. The last thing that you need is causing your tree to crash through your roof! Save time by calling a tree trimmer to help.
You need an experienced team of tree trimming and removal professionals who complete your job the safest way possible. When you choose us, we offer the best in dedicated tree removal service and care options!

Tree Cutting Service
Regular trimming and pruning are one of the best ways to prevent trees from getting overgrown. The more overgrowth a plant has, the fewer nutrients the base receives.
Over time, a tree may wind up preventing itself from making its way where it needs to. When branches become thick with branches, it prevents sunlight and fresh air from nourishing your plants.
Instead, grooming your trees and removing them where they pose a threat makes your home safer. And your plants will grow more efficiently in the process!
Leaving trees just to grow where they will create numerous issues later. Don’t allow tree branches to ruin your yard!

Tree Removal Cost

Once a tree gets cut down, the stump often remains left behind. In fact, some tree care companies will only cut your tree and not take care of the stump!
We offer the option to remove the stump as well, which we recommend. Over time, the stump will rot away, inviting pests such as termites into your yard.
Stump removal is the safer way to prevent unwanted bugs and a better-protected yard. No one needs a stump full of splinters ruining their fun!
Remaining tree stumps may also prevent soil nutrients from helping grass and other plants. Don’t hold on to dead tree stumps and let us assist you!

Tree Trimming Service

We believe that professional tree care should remain accessible to more area residents. That is why we offer the number of maintenance solutions at affordable pricing!
For the best in Johannesburg tree service​ and tree removal cost, you can always depend on Tree Felling service JHB North to complete your job right. Call us today and schedule our experts for all your tree surgeon needs and save more on every visit!
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