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Stump removal

Did you remove a tree recently? Or did you move into a new home where a tree was recently cut down? It can simply be an eye sore and very unsilghtly when a stump sticks out of the ground. Do you you want this "sore thumb" to be removed? Whatever the circumstance we are sure you want the stump removed and taken care of with no questions. Perhaps you considered renting the equipment and getting stuck into it yourself. Either way let us come and have a look and advice on the grind!
Tree Service and Tree felling by an experienced Tree Feller. The company is fully insured and the owner is on site. This image was designed by Tree Feller Joburg
Stump removal in Bryanston

Stump removal service

We are Johannesburg Norths top stump removal service.
We also serve the surrounding area's like Fourways, Bryanston, Lonehill and Sandton. The main reason is that we are hassle fee and remove those dead roots stumps. To remove the roots simply call us. We will check your availability and come and have look at a time that is convenient for you.

Talking of stump grinding, it should be as simple and easy as possible, no complications. We will grind that stump down. Cleaning up is part of our service, no mess left behind. Let us know if you want any of the ground stump for yourself. We have all the right equipment that can handle any size stump.
Tree felling to cut your trees

Options for stump removal

When it involves removing stumps from your property, you've got 2 main options: you'll rent a stump grinder and remove them yourself, otherwise, you will rent a neighborhood company to come back out and complete the job for you. The course of action that’s right for you may rely on a number of things. For instance, if you offer an expert service (such as tree or stump removal) and are set up on grinding several stumps, then shopping for a stump grinder is maybe a decent plan. If you’re not an expert, then you'll use a tiny low stump grinder to get rid of a tiny low stump, and it shouldn’t cost much to rent a stump grinder for the day. But if you’re not an expert, if there are giant stumps, or if you've got many stumps that require to be ground, it’s most likely best to use a stump grinding service instead.

Can I save my tree?

When looking for a trusted tree felling solution in Johannesburg north, look no further. Tree Fellin Joburg is the best! We have been tree felling for years which counts for allot of experience. We can solve all tree related problems.
Perhaps you just need a tree audit and advise weather tree needs trimming or a complete removal. Sometimes we can save the tree! We can also advise on future possible tree damage. Our owner is always on site and offers his extensive knowledge freely.
Tree felling sometimes needs precise work
Tree Felling and Palm Tree Trimming by an insured tree feller

Trimming a palm tree

It might be tempting to prune your palm tree yourself! It is much safer to contact us to do this for you. The amount you will pay will depend mostly on the below;
The height of your palm tree
The condition of your palm tree and when last it was trimmed
If it is emergency work, there could be a surcharge
Payment for travel expenses especially if your outside of our area that we service.

When to involve your utility!

As you might find with most trees, the cost for pruning or cutting down a tree depends on a few factors. Before reading any further if your tree is close to a power line please contact your utility quickly. This might be a hassle but could save some money. The utility will be at liberty to remove or prune the tree.
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