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Tree felling sorting tree trunks and into a wheel barrow
Tree Service and Tree felling by an experienced Tree Feller. The company is fully insured and the owner is on site. This image was designed by Tree Feller Joburg

Why We Should Cut Down A Tree and What are the Advantages of Cutting Trees?

It may seem that cutting down a tree would be against Mother Nature, but there are many advantages to doing so. The first step is to find out why we should cut down trees in the first place. There are several reasons for this- one being that it will allow more sunlight through which will lead to greater photosynthesis and therefore greener plants. Another reason is that when you cut down a tree, it reduces the amount of leaf litter on the ground which can be harmful for both animals and humans who walk on them. And lastly, if you want a certain type of tree because it's aesthetically pleasing or you may live in a high wind area, it is better to let the wind through!

Do you have a tree on your property that needs to be removed?

Tree Felling in Randburg is here for you. We will come out, evaluate and remove unsightly trees. Our team of professionals are experienced with all types of trees and can handle any job big or small. Whether it's just some light trimming needed or the whole tree has to go, we'll take care of it!

Let us help you make your yard look better than ever before! Call today for more information about our services and pricing options. You won't regret hiring Tree Felling in Randburg!

Contact us today for a free estimate on removing those pesky old trees from your property!

Why use an insured Tree felling company?

Some homeowners think that they should attempt to remove their trees themselves. However, it isn’t as straightforward as it seems.
Without professional tree care and removal services, you can damage property or even injure others. Our team, on the other hand, provides more types of care options for your yard.
Tree Felling in Randburg Palm tree trimming

Why tree felling is important

Many homeowners wonder why they would need to call a company to cut their trees down. But what they may not know is that tree felling is among the most important aspects of property ownership.

When trees get sick or injured, they may deteriorate unexpectedly. That can pose a severe threat to your home or family.

Other times, trees just grow too close to potential hazards. Overhead power lines, proximity to buildings, and branches that damage rooflines are all common issues many residents suffer through.
Even if a tree remains in perfect health, it may not stay safe where it is. Don’t put your home through unnecessary risk and call us to assist you!

Tree Removal in Randburg

Our team are experienced and know how to approach just about any tree felling job. The owner is always onsite and we are fully insured. The owner is a tree surgeon and has worked on so many tree removal projects. The job may include lowering devices, rigging ropes, winches and some other tree cutting equipment. It does not matter if the tree is diseased, alive or dead. The size does not matter, big tree cutting and small tree removal is what we do best.

Call us to find out what tree felling costs. We offer free quotes and whats-app is the best way to send pics for the evaluation. When your tree feller is inexperienced or does not have proper training their tree felling can be dangerous! Don't try it yourself either! Let Tree Fellin Joburg help you with your tree removal.
Tree felling in Randburg North
Tree felling in dangerous conditions - fully insured

Tree felling for our ever changing climate

Tree trimming and pruning is the elimination of dead or broken branches to promote the health and wellness of the tree. Tree trimming targets dead and also dying branches or branches that are fractured or have signs of decay meaning they are naturally weakened. These need to be gotten rid of so they don't present a risk to people or property. Our expert team get hands on with your tree to recognise these issues which can not be seen from the ground. We also trim back trees to prevent building structure interference. We also keep a lookout for any electrical wires close by.

Gauteng's ever changing climate calls for trees to be ready for all types of weather. High winds, whirlwinds, lightning and heavy rain cause mayhem on trees. When appropriately cut, getting rid of damaged branches as well as dead branches is a must. These branches have no advantage to the health and wellness in the long-term. Tree Felling makes them so they are ready to handle all weather conditions, substantially lowering damages or in some circumstances even conserving your tree entirely.

Why choose us for Randburg Tree Felling

Tree Felling in Randburg is a pleasure, call us today and we'll be there in a jiffy. Is your tree a nuisance and does it drop seeds or sap. Does your tree grow in the wrong location!

​We have the experience, knowledge and the team to remove trees or do some needed tree maintenance. The owner is on site so you are safe and secure.
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